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Posted by E.S. Wynn Thursday, May 19, 2011

From the back cover:
It is the dawn of the twenty-third century. Space has been good to the pioneering men and women of the Terran Commonwealth, but in spreading out among the stars mankind has become a rich target for the enigmatic and predatory Cygnan Coralate. Thrilling squadrons of fans from all over the globe since 2005, The Cygnus War is a story that looks at love, war, and what makes us human in the wake of an interstellar war with the Cygnan Coralate, a shadowy enemy bent on nothing less than the total and complete annihilation of humanity itself.

Official Website: http://www.cygnuswar.com

Jump to the first episode: [Aces And Veterans, Part 1]

This is the omnibus edition containing all seven arcs of the Cygnus War!

Individual arcs:

How to order:
Paperback: [lulu]

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Episode #1

The adventure begins here.

Episode #24

First episode of the Rescue Arc.

Episode #47

First episode of the Downfall Arc.

Episode #69

First episode of the Weapon Arc.